Natural Cycles°, a pioneering women’s health company responsible for developing the world’s first birth control app, has successfully concluded its €50.8 million Series C financing round. This investment is being led by LAUXERA CAPITAL PARTNERS 🇸🇪 🚀, with additional participation from Point72 Private Investments and a revolving debt facility from J.P. Morgan.

The latest funding round marks a significant milestone for Natural Cycles as it strives to fulfill its mission of making hormone-free birth control more accessible to women around the world. By combining technology and science, the company aims to address the gaps in underserved areas of women’s health.

With the infusion of capital, Natural Cycles is poised to expand its reach and impact, revolutionizing the contraceptive landscape. The app, which utilizes a unique algorithm to track a woman’s daily basal body temperature and provide fertility insights, offers an alternative to traditional hormone-based birth control methods.

This latest funding round not only validates the groundbreaking work done by Natural Cycles but also highlights the growing interest in innovative approaches to women’s healthcare. Through partnerships with industry-leading investors like LAUXERA CAPITAL PARTNERS, Natural Cycles is well-positioned to drive further innovation, research, and advancements in the field of hormone-free contraception.

Moving forward, Natural Cycles will leverage the expertise of its investors to accelerate the development and adoption of its app, ensuring that more women have access to effective and natural birth control options. With its commitment to empowering women and transforming the healthcare landscape, Natural Cycles is at the forefront of revolutionizing women’s reproductive health.