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Swiipr, a cutting-edge technology company, has recently received funding from TX Ventures and Solano Partners, enabling them to propel the development of their pioneering strategy, product, and technology. The funds will be utilized for investment in research and development, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, as well as to drive growth in the international airline market.

The co-founder and CEO of Swiipr, Tara Spielhagen, highlights the shortcomings of traditional compensation systems, stating that they not only cost airlines billions of dollars annually but also lead to increased disruptions and stress for passengers. Drawing attention to the digital age we live in, Spielhagen expresses pride in Swiipr’s innovative solution that effectively addresses these pain points, providing significant benefits to both airline partners and their customers.

Underlining the global significance of their work, Ian Clowes, the co-founder and Chairman of Swiipr, explains that their solution tackles a pressing issue faced by airlines, which will only become more challenging with the advent of climate change. With the injection of capital from Octopus Ventures through their series A funding, Swiipr aims to enhance their existing solutions and accelerate their growth, embracing their vision of eliminating friction points associated with compensation wherever they may arise.

Recognizing the immense potential of Swiipr’s offering, Tosin Agbabiaka, Principal at Octopus Ventures, emphasizes the transformative power of their solution in revolutionizing compensation payments within the airline industry. By combining modern payment practices with efficiency and scalability, Swiipr aims to drive positive change and become a trailblazer in the industry.