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Seattle-based startup TraceAir recently secured $25 million in a Series B funding round aimed at enhancing its project management software for home builders and land developers. The funding will enable TraceAir to further develop and expand its innovative platform.

Founded in 2015, TraceAir is passionate about streamlining processes and increasing efficiency through the integration of cutting-edge technology. The company employs drones for surveying project sites, collecting valuable data that can be analyzed using their software platform. By utilizing drones, TraceAir eliminates the need for manual data collection and enhances accuracy and speed in project management.

PeakSpan Capital spearheaded the latest funding round, with contributions from Flashpoint Venture Capital and other existing investors. The investment is a testament to the confidence investors have in TraceAir’s vision and potential for transforming the construction industry.

TraceAir’s co-founders, Maria Khokhlova, Dmitry Korolev, Alexander Solovyev, and Nikita Ushakov, bring diverse expertise and experience to the company. Korolev, serving as TraceAir’s CEO, previously led the successful facilities monitoring company, the Karlsson Project.

Through their advanced software platform and the integration of drone technology, TraceAir is poised to revolutionize project management in the construction industry. The recent funding will propel the company’s mission to improve efficiency, automate processes, and ultimately reshape the way construction projects are executed.