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The startup scene in the UK has long been synonymous with London, with the capital dominating investment and innovation. However, there is a growing recognition that groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial talent can emerge from across the country. In cities like Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Belfast, startup hubs are emerging, nurturing fintech, deep tech, biotech, AI, and other disruptive industries.

Yet, despite the abundance of potential, one key challenge persists for startups outside of London: the uneven distribution of capital. This disparity caught the attention of Daniel Sawko, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from rural Wales. Witnessing the gap between London-based startups and those operating outside the capital, Daniel set out to level the playing field.

Daniel’s solution materialized in the form of, a revolutionary search engine for startup funding. The platform aims to break down the barriers, both formal and informal, that hinder fundraising for non-London startups. By doing so, it empowers entrepreneurs to secure investment, irrespective of their geographical location.

The underlying principle of is rooted in the belief that investors are passionate about addressing specific challenges, such as combating cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. Rather than focusing solely on a startup’s location, the platform aligns investor support with companies working towards solving specific problems.

By addressing the issue of “information asymmetry” and other funding obstacles, aims to unlock a wealth of opportunities for startups beyond London. By connecting entrepreneurs with investors who share their passions and goals, the platform is reshaping the landscape of startup funding across the UK.

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, it is vital to recognize that innovation knows no boundaries. With platforms like paving the way for equal opportunities, the UK startup ecosystem is poised to witness a flourishing of talent and ideas beyond the streets of London.