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In an unexpected move, the i newspaper has managed to secure the services of Kitty Donaldson as its new chief political commentator. Donaldson recently announced that she would be leaving her position as Bloomberg’s U.K. political editor, where she had spent nearly 18 years. This is a significant acquisition for the i, as they have been without a chief opinion writer since January.

Starting next month, Donaldson will be bringing her expertise and insights to the i, writing features and analysis on political matters. Her wealth of experience makes her a valuable addition to the newspaper’s team.

Meanwhile, in the world of politics, Jeremy Hunt is set to give a keynote speech today, focusing on the Labour opposition. This comes after Rishi Sunak’s recent address on security and Keir Starmer’s unveiling of his “six steps” pledge card. While this may not be a full-blown election campaign, it certainly feels like one with all the political maneuvering and strategizing taking place.

Hunt’s speech is expected to touch on important issues such as tax, jobs, and welfare, drawing clear lines between the Conservative and Labour parties. The format of the event is more of a political discussion rather than a formal budget announcement, with Hunt speaking for a short period of time and then taking questions from journalists.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Donaldson’s arrival at the i newspaper adds depth and perspective to their coverage of current events. Her unique insights and analysis are sure to provide readers with a fresh perspective on the ever-changing world of politics.