THIS™, a renowned plant-based food company based in the UK, has successfully concluded its Series C equity funding round, raising an impressive €23.6 million in investment. The funding round was led by Planet First Partners, who provided a combination of primary and secondary equity financing.

The influx of funds will be instrumental in THIS™’s mission to revolutionize the food industry by offering sustainable plant-based alternatives that protect animals and the environment. With the support of Planet First Partners, THIS™ aims to establish itself as a leading brand in the UK market.

Mark Cuddigan, the CEO of THIS™, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Planet First Partners to the THIS™ family. Our collaboration will play a pivotal role as we continue to drive a food revolution with our plant-based offerings, prioritizing animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to cultivate brand loyalty and become the market leaders in the UK.”

By securing significant funding in this latest round, THIS™ is well-positioned to expand its range of plant-based products and reach a wider consumer base. The company’s dedication to creating delicious and planet-friendly alternatives has garnered support from investors and consumers alike.

With the growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional animal farming and the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives, THIS™ is poised to make a substantial impact in the plant-based food sector. The Series C funding will accelerate their growth and further establish them as an influential player in the industry.