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Geoffrey Hinton, renowned as the “Godfather of AI,” surprised many last year with his pessimistic view on the impact of emerging technologies. However, he is now making headlines again by joining CuspAI, a startup focused on revolutionizing material design using AI.

CuspAI, recently unveiled after securing $30 million in seed funding, aims to utilize deep learning and molecular simulation to assist users in designing next-generation building materials. By streamlining the design process, the company intends to make significant strides in creating sustainable and climate-friendly materials.

Hinton’s decision to join CuspAI as an advisor comes as a pleasant surprise, considering his previous skepticism towards AI. In a statement, Hinton expressed admiration for CuspAI’s mission to address one of humanity’s most urgent challenges—climate change—by leveraging AI’s potential.

The startup plans to apply search engine-like functionalities to identify the specific properties required for new building materials, ensuring that the design process becomes more efficient and targeted. This innovative approach has garnered the approval and support of Hinton, who recognizes the potential of AI to both create and solve challenges faced by humanity.

CuspAI’s emergence from stealth marks an exciting development in the AI and material design landscape. With Hinton onboard, the startup is poised to make significant advancements, harnessing the power of AI to accelerate the transformation of material design and contribute to a more sustainable future.