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Tartu’s Unda Music Festival is gearing up for an electrifying weekend in Berlin. Partnering with Berlin’s celebrated undercloud event series and Fandango, Unda Festival organizers are set to host a two-day extravaganza at OHM on June 28th and 29th.

Estonia’s finest electronic music artists and DJs will grace the stage, showcasing their talent to an international audience. The lineup includes the likes of Nikolajev, Jaan Pavliuk, Noa, Micaxsan, Dharma Doom, Tanel Mütt, and Klmn.

OHM, owned by legendary club Tresor, is renowned for its innovative approach to music and its ability to curate niche parties. It is the perfect venue to bring the Unda Festival experience to Berlin. Tresor will also curate one of the stages at the main Unda Festival event in Tartu this September.

Elena Natale, Unda Festival’s lead organizer and co-founder of the iconic club Hall, highlighted the significance of this collaboration: “The cooperation between the clubs of the two countries is an invaluable opportunity to showcase our local artists to the world. It is crucial for the vitality of our club culture to gain international recognition. We hope that this platform will lead to more exciting collaborations in the future.”

Unda Festival, taking place from September 19th to 22nd in the cultural hub of Tartu, promises to be a melting pot of creativity, talent, and unique experiences. With guests expected from across the globe, it will be an extraordinary showcase of Estonia’s thriving music scene and the incredible talent it harbors.

So, mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of electronic music at the Unda Festival in Tartu this September.