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Architecture studio FAR frohn&rojas has embarked on an extraordinary project, converting a 1930s office space in Berlin, Germany into the remarkable Apartment Rungestrasse. While preserving the original lofty feel of the open plan, FAR has created a stunning collage of white blocks and captivating architectural details.

The challenge for the team at FAR was to maintain the spaciousness of the original layout, resisting the temptation to divide the space into separate rooms. Their solution was to introduce a distinctive “shelf” element with five bays and two levels. Each bay serves as an individual space, housing various areas such as the entrance, kitchen, workspace, bathroom, reading nook, and sleeping loft. This unique design creates a fluid and interconnected living experience.

To add a touch of grandeur and elegance to the converted office space, FAR incorporated three enormous domed lamps. These sculptural light fixtures not only provide practical illumination but also serve as artistic focal points, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of Apartment Rungestrasse.

With its harmonious blend of functionality and creativity, this transformed workspace from the 1930s is now a beautifully balanced living environment. The fusion of white blocks and rhythmic architectural details creates a visually captivating atmosphere, while the spaciousness and interconnectedness of the design offer a sense of freedom and openness. Apartment Rungestrasse stands as a testament to the innovative prowess of FAR frohn&rojas, reimagining the possibilities of architectural transformation.