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Simon Lord, a prostate cancer survivor, is embarking on an incredible journey from Trafalgar Square to Amsterdam within 24 hours. As the clock strikes midnight on July 17, he will kickstart his adventure.

With a diagnosis that dates back 14 years, Mr. Lord knows the struggles and triumphs of battling cancer firsthand. After a successful surgery, he became a specialist personal trainer, specializing in cancer rehabilitation. His mission now extends beyond his personal journey – he aims to raise funds for two charities: The Urology Foundation and MOVE Charity.

The Urology Foundation is a small but impactful organization that focuses on supporting research and training in urology. With their contributions, advancements can be made in the field, enabling better treatments and outcomes. On the other hand, MOVE Charity assists cancer patients with exercise programs to aid in their recovery from the side effects of various treatments.

Mr. Lord’s dedication to prostate cancer awareness is commendable. Alongside his part-time job at Tesco, he has been actively campaigning for greater awareness and improved support for those affected by the disease. He emphasizes the crucial role of clinical nurse specialists in urology and advocates for increased funding to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Embarking on this taxing journey to Amsterdam is not only a test of physical endurance for Simon Lord but also a testament to his resilience and determination. Through his efforts, he seeks to make a difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients and promote a greater understanding of the disease.