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Israel-based EVR Motors, a trailblazer in electric motor technology, is venturing into the Indian market with their state-of-the-art greenfield plant. This endeavor marks a significant milestone as the first manufacturing operation for an Israeli automotive company in the subcontinent.

EVR Motors specializes in compact and cost-effective high power-density electric motors that are set to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Their motors, equipped with trapezoidal geometry coils, offer unparalleled performance at reduced manufacturing and assembly costs.

To meet the burgeoning demand for EVs, I.EVR Motors, a subsidiary of the Israeli startup, will operate a cutting-edge facility in Manesar, near New Delhi. The plant aims to supply coils for approximately 20,000 motors per month, with plans to expand this capacity to meet the growing global market demand of around 100,000 motors per month.

Notably, EVR Motors has already secured commercial agreements with key players in the Indian automotive industry. This collaboration will ensure the commencement of motor production later this year. EVR Motors’ versatile motors are designed to power a range of vehicles, including two- and three-wheelers, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, e-buses, and even boats.

Nick Rogers, the chairman of EVR Motors, expressed his excitement about the inauguration of the Manesar plant, emphasizing the significance of this step in their mission to revolutionize electric mobility through groundbreaking motor technologies.

With their innovative approach and commitment to driving sustainable transportation, EVR Motors is a frontrunner in transforming the landscape of urban mobility. As their operations expand in India, there is no doubt that they will leave an indelible mark on the global EV market, fuelling the transition towards a greener and cleaner future.