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Transport for London (TfL) is set to revolutionize the cycling scene across the capital with its innovative programme, TfL Cycle Sundays. With the aim of encouraging more Londoners to embrace cycling, TfL is offering a holistic support system that includes leisure routes, cycling discounts, training, and safety guidance.

Gone are the days when cycling was only for the experienced riders. TfL Cycle Sundays provides easy-to-follow routes that cater to cyclists of all abilities. These routes can be accessed on the TfL website or through the TfL Cycle Sundays Club on Strava, making it convenient for users to plan their cycling adventures.

TfL is committed to enhancing cycling infrastructure across London, ensuring that cyclists have more dedicated paths. Collaborating with organizations like British Cycling, Cycle Sisters, JoyRiders, London Cycling Campaign, Sustrans, and Wheels for Wellbeing, TfL has carefully selected a range of routes that showcase the best of the capital’s scenery.

From park rides in Greenwich and Battersea to a captivating cycle tour of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, there are countless opportunities to explore picturesque parks in Haringey and beyond. Miranda Leedham, spokesperson for TfL, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “We are thrilled to launch this exciting new initiative to encourage Londoners of all backgrounds to experience the numerous benefits of cycling.”

Thanks to the extensive Santander Cycles network, participants don’t even need to own their own bike to join in on the Cycle Sundays. With approximately 800 docking stations throughout London, anyone can kick-start their Sunday by hopping on a bike and embarking on a thrilling cycling adventure through the city.

TfL Cycle Sundays presents an excellent opportunity for both novices and seasoned cyclists alike to rediscover London from a whole new perspective. So grab your helmet, hop on a bike, and uncover the wonders that the capital has to offer on two wheels.