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Ivana Knoll, a well-known Instagram star from Croatia, has been sharing her experiences in Berlin as she supports her national team at Euro 2024. While Ivana is known for her love of fashion, her Instagram posts showcase her unique and stylish outfits donned in the colors of the Croatian team.

Although Croatia faced a 3-0 defeat against Spain in their tournament opener, Ivana has remained positive and continues to spread joy through her social media channels. In her recent photo collection, she shared glimpses of herself enjoying her time in her hotel room and smiling alongside fellow fans.

Similar to her presence during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Ivana has become synonymous with her country’s red and white colors. Whether it’s her Croatia-themed outfits or her unwavering support, Ivana’s enthusiasm for her national team shines through.

Her followers admire Ivana not only for her fashion sense but also for her dedication as a fan. She exemplifies the spirit of unity and camaraderie that sports can bring, showcasing the joy of supporting one’s country.

While the outcome of the match might not have been in Croatia’s favor, Ivana’s positivity and fashionable spirit continue to inspire both her followers and fellow supporters. As the tournament progresses, Ivana’s unwavering support for her team will undoubtedly make her a memorable figure in the Euro 2024 fan community.