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A construction project in Greenwich has sparked serious concerns about safety and accessibility for residents in the area. The project, led by Greenwich Builds, aims to build three properties on sites that were previously underused garages. However, the ongoing work has caused numerous issues for locals, particularly in relation to temporary parking spaces and the safety of the surrounding streets.

One resident, Rebecca Ellis, has raised alarm about the impact of this project on her disabled father’s wellbeing. She claims that her father has suffered injuries due to the uneven paving stones caused by the construction work, prompting him to resort to walking on the road to avoid further incidents. In fact, he spent two weeks bedridden following a fall and even had to fund his own MRI scan to assess the extent of his injuries.

Rebecca’s primary concern is the safety of her father, highlighting the constant worry she experiences on his behalf. The situation has become so precarious that he is unable to walk down their side of the street, as it has become too dangerous. Consequently, he is forced to walk in the road, a situation that Rebecca rightfully deems unacceptable. She also revealed that their elderly neighbor has resorted to the same strategy to avoid tripping.

The construction works have also involved the removal of grass verges to accommodate construction vehicles, with the promise of temporary parking surfaces in return. However, it appears that the implementation of these solutions has fallen short, leading to further inconveniences for residents.

The concerns raised by Rebecca and others emphasize the need for careful planning and execution of construction projects to minimize the impact on local communities. Safety and accessibility should always be top priorities in such endeavors, ensuring that residents can go about their daily lives without fear or unnecessary hardships. It is crucial for authorities and developers to address these concerns promptly, taking the necessary steps to rectify and prevent any potential hazards.