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In a remarkable display of creativity and collaboration, children in the Lankwitz neighborhood of Berlin have brought their park design aspirations to life. What was once a vacant plot of land has now been transformed into a vibrant and dynamic playground, all thanks to the vision and input of these young minds.

The initiative to design the park began five years ago when the students of Paul-Schneider-Grundschule, in collaboration with trainees from the Department for Roads and Green Spaces, set out to create a playground that catered to their specific interests and needs. The result is a one-of-a-kind space that reflects the unique ideas and preferences of the children.

The park offers a wide range of play installations to accommodate children of all ages. The centerpiece is a captivating slide that is accessible through various entry points, such as a climbing wall, hanging wall, loop bridge, or ladders. This versatile design allows children to choose their preferred method of reaching the top, adding an element of personalization and excitement to the park experience.

In addition to the slide, the park also features a kaleidoscope and a set of connected megaphones that enable children to whisper messages to one another across the space. These playful additions encourage communication and social interaction, fostering a sense of community among the young visitors.

Furthermore, the park is adorned with a variety of bird and bee-friendly plants. The children made a conscious choice to include species that support local wildlife, creating an environment that not only provides enjoyment but also contributes to the ecological wellbeing of the area.

The successful completion of this community project stands as a testament to the power of listening to the voices of the younger generation. By involving children in the design process, the park not only serves as a testament to their creativity but also empowers them to take an active role in shaping their own surroundings. It is through endeavors like this that we can create spaces that truly capture the spirit and imagination of those who will enjoy them most – the children.