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Unter den Linden, one of Berlin’s premier opera houses, is set to open its next season with a bang. On October 2, audiences will be treated to a captivating new production of Verdi’s Nabucco, directed by Emma Dante. But what has truly captured the attention of opera enthusiasts is the presence of acclaimed soprano Anna Netrebko in the lead role.

Netrebko, who has been eagerly working towards reclaiming her prominence in German opera houses, sees Berlin as the gateway to her second chance. Known for her powerful and expressive performances, she has sung the role of Nabucco on numerous occasions, establishing a strong connection with the character.

Christian Thielemann, who now leads Unter den Linden following Daniel Barenboim’s departure, has long been a devoted supporter of Netrebko’s talent. The collaboration between Thielemann and Netrebko promises an exceptional rendition of Verdi’s masterpiece.

Interestingly, the Staatsoper is keeping a low profile regarding Netrebko’s participation in the production. However, as the opening night approaches, one can anticipate a crescendo of excitement and anticipation surrounding her appearance.

Nabucco at Unter den Linden is undoubtedly a production not to be missed. With Anna Netrebko’s extraordinary voice and compelling stage presence, opera aficionados are in for a memorable evening of theatrical magic.