Are you searching for a new property but unsure about the broadband speed available in the area? Look no further! We have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

When it comes to broadband speed, there are three main categories: Basic, Super-fast, and Ultra-fast. Basic broadband offers speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s, while Super-fast broadband ranges between 30 Mbit/s and 300 Mbit/s. If you’re looking for lightning-fast speeds, Ultra-fast broadband is the way to go, offering speeds over 300 Mbit/s.

It’s important to note that these readings are based on the highest predicted speed of any major broadband network. However, please keep in mind that they are not guaranteed and should be treated as predictions rather than definitive figures.

To determine the broadband speed available in a specific area, you can use the broadband checker tool provided by Ofcom. This tool is updated three times a year and provides you with an estimate of the broadband speed you can expect in a particular location. Simply visit the Ofcom website and input the desired area to get an accurate reading.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about mobile phone signal availability and predicted strength, Ofcom also provides information on this. They offer predictions based on data obtained from the four major UK mobile network providers.

So, before making a decision on your new property, make sure to check the broadband availability and predicted speed, as well as the mobile phone signal strength in the area. This will ensure that you can stay connected and enjoy uninterrupted internet and mobile services in your new home.