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Two voice actors have taken legal action in the form of a class-action lawsuit against Lovo, an AI voiceover company, for using their voice recordings to develop a voice replication bot that competes with them for work. Paul Lehrman and Linnea Sage allege that Lovo deceived them into providing voice samples, which were then used to create artificial intelligence versions of their voices. The lawsuit accuses Lovo of fraudulent practices, false advertising, and infringing on their publicity rights. The voice actors are seeking $5 million in damages.

The lawsuit highlights that Lehrman and Sage were initially approached through Fiverr, a freelance platform, to perform voice work for unidentified clients, including research projects and radio ad test scripts. The shocking discovery of their voices being replicated occurred when they encountered their own voices in unexpected contexts. Lehrman was taken aback when he heard an AI bot with his voice in a podcast discussing the impact of AI on working actors. Additionally, Lehrman discovered his voice being utilized in YouTube videos discussing the conflict in Ukraine. Sage had her own surprise when she stumbled upon a video by Lovo, released in 2020, that showcased their voice technology to potential investors.

The lawsuit acts as a wake-up call, shedding light on the ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI-generated content and the potential threat it poses to professionals in various industries. It invites a broader conversation about the implications of AI technology on the livelihoods of human creators. The legal action against Lovo underscores the need for stronger regulations to govern the use of AI in the voiceover industry and protect the intellectual property and privacy rights of individuals.