, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing spend management, has successfully raised over €3.3 million in a recent funding round led by North Ventures. This significant investment will propel towards its goal of transforming the way companies manage their expenses.

In a statement, Michael Fornander, the visionary CEO and founder of, shed light on the prevailing market conditions and the company’s mission to help businesses navigate through challenging times. He emphasized the impact of COVID-19, low interest rates, and the sudden surge in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption.

“Amidst the pandemic and the era of abundant capital, many organizations indulged in excessive SaaS consumption,” Fornander explained. “The sudden shift to remote work necessitated tools like Zoom and Teams, driving up expenses. However, as the economy tightens, businesses are now actively seeking ways to optimize costs and eliminate unnecessary spending.” understands the importance of intelligent spend management in the current economic climate. Their platform offers comprehensive solutions that empower companies to gain better control over their expenses, identify areas of inefficiency, and make data-driven decisions. With this latest funding, is well-equipped to continue enhancing their platform and delivering exceptional value to their expanding customer base.

As businesses strive for financial resilience, stands at the forefront, championing innovative spend management practices that will shape the future of corporate finance. With their trailblazing technology and commitment to empowering businesses, is poised to redefine the landscape of expense management.