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The electronics industry in Germany has gained international recognition for its cutting-edge microelectronics manufacturing and research capabilities. As the largest manufacturing and sales market for electronics in Europe, Germany is a natural fit for hosting the prestigious Evertiq Expo.

According to data from the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) in 2021, the electronics sector stands as the second-largest branch in the country, providing employment opportunities for a staggering 867,700 individuals domestically and another 777,000 abroad. This is a testament to the industry’s significance and continuous growth in Germany.

Amidst this flourishing sector, the Evertiq Expo Berlin is scheduled to be held at the Bunsen-Saal in the Berlin Adlershof Science City on June 20, 2024. In conjunction with the Expo, there will be a thought-provoking conference program that aims to reflect the latest market developments in the electronics industry.

One of the critical challenges faced by electronics manufacturers is component obsolescence. The impact of shortages and discontinuations can be devastating, leading to production delays, customer dissatisfaction, and substantial financial losses. Identifying the root causes of these issues and employing effective strategies to mitigate their impact is of utmost importance.

Olaf Ciepły from IBL-Löttechnik GmbH will shed light on this pressing matter during his presentation at the Evertiq Expo Berlin. He will provide insights into the sources of bad soldering in the reflow process, explore tools that can be utilized to detect hidden errors, and delve into the optimal oven technology for different applications. Additionally, he will address the effectiveness of vacuum technology in overcoming soldering challenges.

By closely examining the phenomenon of component obsolescence, professionals attending the Evertiq Expo Berlin will gain valuable knowledge and practical solutions to minimize the impact of shortages and discontinuations. The exchange of ideas and expertise during this event will undoubtedly contribute to the continuous growth and innovation within the German electronics industry.