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Hidden on a hill just a stone’s throw away from Berlin’s famed Olympiastadion lies a peculiar structure that seems to be plucked from the pages of a science fiction novel. This eerie sight, reminiscent of an abandoned space station topped with gigantic white orbs, is none other than Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain).

Teufelsberg has a rich and intriguing history that surpasses even that of its neighboring stadium, which is set to host the Euro 2024 final. Originally, this manmade hill was created using 25 million cubic meters of debris from post-World War II Berlin, stacked atop a former Nazi military academy to create the city’s highest point.

During the height of the Cold War, Teufelsberg took on a new role as US intelligence agencies established a listening station on its summit. This facility served as a vital interception point for capturing East German and Soviet communications. Dominating the landscape are the station’s imposing towers and enormous radomes, resembling colossal golf balls, designed to protect the sensitive radar equipment within.

While the original purpose and function of Teufelsberg may have faded into obscurity, its unusual appearance continues to captivate the imaginations of curious onlookers. Standing as a testament to the turbulent history of Berlin, Teufelsberg serves as a haunting reminder of the surveillance and espionage that defined an era.

Next time you find yourself in Berlin, take a journey to Teufelsberg and immerse yourself in the mysteries of this enigmatic structure. Who knows what secrets remain buried within its walls, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to venture into this peculiar landmark.