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A peculiar shed-like structure nestled beside a dog kennel in Church Manorway, Abbey Wood, is currently up for rent at a staggering £1,300 per month. This non-traditional rental exemplifies the outrageous state of the London property market, notorious for its exorbitant prices. It serves as a stark reminder of the plight faced by Londoners, struggling to find affordable and equitable housing within the nation’s capital.

The makeshift structure, covered in wooden cladding, sports only a single front door and window. While there is no floor plan available, the accompanying images suggest the presence of a compact living room, complete with an adjacent kitchen and shower room, as reported by MailOnline. Those daring enough to consider renting this unconventional home would be expected to make do with a sofa that can be extended into a makeshift bed.

Now listed at £1,299 per month, the premises come with certain deposit requirements. Frestons, the rental agency responsible for the property, requests a deposit of £1,614 along with a holding deposit of £322.84, affirms a detailed description on Rightmove.

The current unaffordability crisis in the London housing market has left many individuals searching in vain for reasonably priced accommodations. The unorthodox rental option in Church Manorway serves as a glaring representation of the challenges Londoners face in securing a decent abode at a fair price.