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Ukheshe, the South African fintech startup, has taken on a new identity as EFT Corporation. This rebrand follows its acquisition of the digital payments firm, EFT Corporation, in January. By consolidating their digital solutions and expanding their reach, the company aims to become a catalyst for financial inclusion across the African continent.

With a strong background in enterprise platform delivery of embedded finance, Ukheshe has garnered renown as a leading fintech enablement partner. Through their extensive range of micro-services, they enable rapid digital transactions for clients.

The CEO of EFT Corporation, Clayton Hayward, expressed enthusiasm for the rebrand, stating that it signifies a new era of growth and potential for the company. He envisions a seamless and interconnected digital payment landscape that empowers both banks and individuals to thrive in the digital economy.

Hayward believes that the future of money transfers and payments lies in a completely digital, always-on, and always-instant ecosystem. If traditional financial institutions fail to adapt and embrace these developments, they risk losing ground to alternative avenues such as cryptocurrencies and mobile money rails.

By positioning itself as EFT Corporation, the company aims to solidify its role as a champion of financial inclusion. Their mission is to revolutionize the banking industry by providing innovative digital solutions that foster economic empowerment for all. With a strong focus on bridging the digital divide and connecting various stakeholders, EFT Corporation is poised to lead the way in transforming the financial landscape of Africa.