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More than 60,000 individuals from various charities, businesses, and grassroots organizations gathered in London on Saturday for the Restore Nature Now march. Led by prominent figures such as Dame Emma, businessman Dale Vince, and naturalists Chris Packham and Steve Backshall, the protesters marched from Hyde Park to the Houses of Parliament, urging politicians to take immediate action to protect the environment.

The demonstration aimed to send a powerful message to politicians in Westminster: the time for talking is over; it’s time to act. Dame Emma emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that, “We’re losing our countryside at an alarming rate, and it’s one of the most critical issues we face today.” She expressed disappointment in the lack of discourse on the topic by politicians, urging them to prioritize environmental protection.

The peaceful march witnessed an incredible display of unity and determination as participants walked calmly in a line, carrying banners and signs advocating for the restoration of nature. Dame Emma and Chris Packham led the procession, holding a banner that boldly stated “Restore Nature Now.”

The massive turnout showcased the growing public concern for the environment and the demand for stronger environmental policies. From impassioned environmental activists to concerned citizens, people from all walks of life converged in London to demand meaningful change.

This demonstration serves as a reminder that the fight for a sustainable future is far from over. As the voices of thousands echoed through the streets of London, the message for politicians and policymakers became clear: the time for action is now.