The world witnessed a groundbreaking event in Bologna recently as the We Make Future International Trade Fair and Festival (WMF) opened its doors. From June 13 to 15, 2024, this global gathering became a hub of inspiration, ingenuity, and cutting-edge technology. The WMF 2024 not only showcased the latest advancements in AI, Tech, and Digital Innovation but also provided a platform for bright minds to shine.

Amidst the excitement, the Startup Pitch Competition took center stage. A myriad of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe converged, with over 5,000 applications flooding in from more than 120 countries. The competition was fierce, but in the end, a group of exceptional winners emerged.

This year’s champions were not simply victorious; they were catalysts of change. Their ideas and innovations ignited a sense of awe among the attendees. While we can’t quote their exact words, their visionary concepts spoke volumes. These forward-thinking minds proposed solutions to global challenges and revolutionized industries with their groundbreaking inventions.

The success of WMF 2024 would not have been possible without the support of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA). Their dedication to promoting innovation and fostering connections among innovators, leaders, and tech enthusiasts was evident throughout the event. Together, this collaborative effort ensured that the event was not only a remarkable showcase but also a launchpad for future breakthroughs.

As the curtains closed on WMF 2024, the spirit of innovation continued to burn brightly. The event might have concluded, but the impact it had on the world will be felt for years to come. The champions of the Startup Pitch Competition showcased the immense potential of human ingenuity, leaving us inspired and eager to embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.