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In recent times, the topic of service charge has ignited a fervent debate surrounding both its amount and necessity. While some may question why a waiter is rewarded with a tip for simply performing their duties, it is important to note that this line of thinking overlooks the many jobs that come with additional incentives. However, this discourse has prompted me to reflect on the deeper reasons why tipping is a customary practice in the restaurant industry.

Tipping goes beyond mere monetary appreciation; it is rooted in the fundamental understanding that those working in restaurants provide a service that extends far beyond the ordinary. They operate amidst a backdrop where customers are not always at their finest, and where their expectations reach their zenith. Yet, these dedicated individuals continue to serve with grace and attentiveness, creating an environment that leaves patrons feeling valued and nurtured.

Conveyer-belt restaurants, devoid of the personal touch that comes with exceptional service, have failed to gain widespread popularity. This phenomenon speaks volumes about the intrinsic human need for an elevated dining experience, where caring and attentive staff play a crucial role.

Whilst it is disheartening to accept that sometimes offensive words are thrown their way, dedicated servers remain steadfast in their commitment to creating an enjoyable dining experience. In these instances, they often go above and beyond, offering a complimentary drink to mend any unease caused by unruly behavior.

In conclusion, the act of tipping transcends a simple bonus. It is a form of acknowledgment and gratitude towards the dedicated individuals who tirelessly strive to provide an exceptional dining experience even when faced with challenging circumstances.