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London’s Transport for London (TfL) has announced a series of timetable changes to its bus services, in line with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. These changes aim to encourage 80 percent of journeys in the city to be made by foot, bike, or public transport by 2041.

With a fleet of approximately 9,300 buses operating across 675 different routes, the adjustments to the timetable seek to better match passenger demand, provide better value for money, and allow TfL to allocate resources for improvements in outer London.

Starting from Saturday, June 22, several significant changes will take place. The 24-hour Route 57 will have its temporary timetable removed, and the service will resume running every 12 minutes during the daytime and evenings on all days of the week. The night service will continue to operate every 30 minutes throughout the week.

Another affected route is Route 120, which will see minor adjustments to its timetable. It will increase the early morning frequency to a bus every 20 minutes before 6 am on weekdays, 7:30 am on Saturdays, and 9 am on Sundays. Additionally, the evening frequency will improve to a bus every 12 minutes on all days of the week. No changes will be made to the frequency during other times.

Route 143 will also experience a revised timetable, offering greater convenience and efficiency to passengers. While the specific changes have not been outlined in detail, the alterations aim to align the service with the overall goals and objectives of TfL’s transport strategy.

These timetable changes reflect TfL’s commitment to sustainable and accessible transportation, as well as their ongoing efforts to enhance the overall commuting experience for Londoners. By meticulously assessing passenger demand and making appropriate adjustments, TfL aims to meet the evolving needs of their passengers while promoting more environmentally friendly modes of transport.