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Tesla’s plans to expand its Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany have faced significant opposition despite receiving official approval from local officials. A meeting held on Thursday between community members and authorities addressed concerns raised by citizens regarding the expansion.

Protests against the expansion have been ongoing since the weekend, with some opponents even residing in treehouses in the surrounding forest as a form of protest. During the meeting, community members expressed their worries about the factory’s larger footprint and disagreed with the additional manufacturing space that Tesla required.

One citizen voiced concerns about the impact on local residents and questioned the priority given to an industrial giant over the well-being of the community. The individual emphasized the sacrifice of their clean and healthy environment, urging for more consideration and influence in the decision-making process.

Although these concerns resonated with many attendees, local officials ultimately chose to approve Tesla’s expansion plans. The approval signifies a significant milestone for Tesla’s presence in Germany and its commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities.

While the approval is a positive development for Tesla, it underscores the issues surrounding large-scale industrial projects and the balancing act between economic growth and environmental impact. As Tesla continues to expand its global operations, navigating local opposition and addressing community concerns will be crucial for maintaining a positive public image and social responsibility.