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Tech workers in Berlin took to the streets on Wednesday to protest the arrival of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit in the city. While AWS promises to invest billions in internet infrastructure and job creation, these workers are raising concerns about the company’s involvement in military contracts.

Protestors are demanding that AWS drops Project Nimbus, a military contract with Israel that allows the Israeli army to utilize cloud computing and machine learning services. There are allegations that these services are being used to support the Lavender targeting system, which utilizes public data to compile kill lists for Israel.

The demonstration coincides with Nakba Day, which commemorates the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes during the formation of the state of Israel. It serves as a reminder that the issue of expanding digital infrastructure cannot be divorced from the larger political context.

Tech workers who participated in the protest argue that supporting military contracts goes against their own values and ethical standards. They believe that transparency and accountability should be paramount when it comes to the use of technology, especially in conflicts where innocent lives are at stake.

As the debate around the role of technology in warfare continues, these tech workers are shining a light on the need for companies to consider the wider implications of their actions. The rally in Berlin sends a clear message that tech workers have a voice and are committed to using it to advocate for a more responsible and ethical use of technology in the world.