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In today’s corporate landscape, organizations are faced with the challenge of efficiently accessing and sharing internal knowledge and expertise. PairUp, a pioneering startup, aims to address this issue by providing innovative software that enhances the storage and dissemination of knowledge within companies.

PairUp offers a comprehensive solution to quickly answer questions about documents and projects, enabling employees to find the information they need promptly. The platform also facilitates the identification of colleagues with specific customer experience or expertise in particular software tools, ensuring that inquiries are directed to the right individuals.

One area where PairUp particularly excels is in leveraging “undocumented knowledge.” This refers to expertise that may not be readily available in written documentation but resides within employees’ vast experience and insights. By connecting employees with the right person who possesses the relevant knowledge, PairUp enhances collaboration and problem-solving across the organization.

With the recent surge in remote work, traditional methods of knowledge-sharing have become more challenging. PairUp CEO and co-founder, Emily Harburg, highlights how employees have become increasingly isolated and separated, hindering the natural flow of knowledge exchange. PairUp addresses these limitations by providing a tailored solution that overcomes the barriers of remote collaboration, ultimately enhancing productivity and fostering a culture of continuous learning within organizations.

While there are competitors in the market, such as Glean, PairUp stands out with its unique focus on undocumented knowledge and its ability to connect employees to the right expertise. By streamlining the knowledge-sharing process, PairUp empowers organizations to tap into their invaluable knowledge resources, ensuring that critical information is readily accessible when and where it is needed. With PairUp at the helm, companies can unlock the full potential of their knowledge capital and drive innovation at an unprecedented pace.