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Sir John Soane’s Museum is pleased to announce Nika Neelova and Paul Noble as the Artists-in-Residence for 2024. As part of their residency, both artists will have the opportunity to showcase their exceptional work in the historic Drawing Office, the very heart of Sir John Soane’s architectural practice.

The appointment of Nika Neelova and Paul Noble follows the successful tenure of Sam Belinfante and Ella Baron, who were the first creative practitioners in two centuries to work in this unique space. The Drawing Office holds great significance as the place where Soane’s draftsmen and apprentices worked on his renowned projects. By supporting and championing creative production, the Soane Museum continues Sir John Soane’s legacy of nurturing the next generation of artistic talent.

Thanks to the opening of the Drawing Office, the Soane Museum can now host two three-month residencies per year, one in the Spring and another in the Autumn. This provides artists with a dedicated space to explore their creative ideas and engage with the historical context of Sir John Soane’s architectural practice.

“We are delighted to welcome Nika and Paul into this unique space,” says the Museum’s spokesperson. “The Drawing Office was the lifeblood of Soane’s architectural practice, where he nurtured and shared his knowledge with his pupils. We are excited to see what these extraordinary artists will bring to the table and how they will be inspired by this historic setting.”

The Artists-in-Residence program at Sir John Soane’s Museum continues to be a vital platform for artistic experimentation and innovation. Nika Neelova and Paul Noble’s residency promises to be an exciting chapter in the ongoing celebration of creativity and architectural heritage.