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Singapore’s Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) and Tribe have joined forces with tech giant NVIDIA to establish the Ignition AI Accelerator, a groundbreaking startup accelerator focused on artificial intelligence (AI) based in Singapore. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for Southeast Asia’s tech industry and is supported by the Singapore government.

During the highly anticipated Asia Tech x Enterprise 2024 event, the Ignition AI Accelerator was launched with an initial investment of USD$3 million. This unique initiative brings together Tribe, a renowned startup ecosystem builder, and NVIDIA to create a robust support platform tailored to the needs of AI startups.

The accelerator will kick off with a select cohort of 15 promising startups. These startups will benefit from comprehensive support encompassing both business and technical aspects of their ventures. Notably, the program will emphasize providing expert guidance in deep AI development, enabling startups to expedite the creation of market-ready AI solutions and accelerate their entry into the market.

Furthermore, eligible startups participating in the Ignition AI Accelerator can also apply for the Startup SG Tech grant, offered by EnterpriseSG. This grant aims to facilitate the development and commercialization of proprietary technologies through innovative proof-of-concept (POC) and proof-of-value (POV) projects. Successful applicants may qualify for up to S$250,000 in funding.

The collaboration between DISG, Tribe, and NVIDIA through the Ignition AI Accelerator represents a significant milestone in driving AI innovation and creating a thriving ecosystem for startups in Southeast Asia. This accelerator will play a crucial role in fostering groundbreaking advancements in AI technology and positioning Singapore as a leader in the global AI industry.