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The highly anticipated annual tour of Shakespeare in the Squares is back for its seventh year, bringing with it a fresh take on the classic comedy All’s Well That Ends Well. This year’s production incorporates gypsy swing music and a delightful fairytale twist, promising a truly unique theatrical experience.

Kicking off on June 5th in Leinster Square, Notting Hill, the tour will make its way to 26 different venues, captivating audiences with the story of a lower-born woman who miraculously heals the King of France. As a reward, she is given permission to marry the man she loves. However, her dreams are shattered when her higher-born suitor, Bertram, rejects her and presents her with a series of challenging tasks that she must complete in order to gain his acceptance.

Shakespeare in the Squares, a not-for-profit company supported by the esteemed Dame Judi Dench, works closely with church wardens, garden committees, and park managers to create an intimate and immersive outdoor event. Each venue hosts the play for one night only, allowing audiences to experience the magic of Shakespeare under the stars.

Directed by the talented Sioned Jones, this production serves as a platform to showcase the exceptional skills of young theatre stars of the future. Kalifa Taylor brings the character of Helena to life, while Jack Ward takes on the challenging role of Bertram.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this captivating performance as Shakespeare in the Squares reimagines All’s Well That Ends Well with a modern twist. From Queen’s Park to Crystal Palace Park, and from Charterhouse Square to the iconic Actor’s Church square in central London, this tour promises an unforgettable theatrical experience for all.