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Re:publica, Europe’s largest digital conference on the digital society, is gearing up for its annual event in Berlin. With an expected attendance of around 25,000 people, this festival has become a prominent platform for discussing the digitalization of the world. However, this year’s theme, “Who cares?,” sheds light on a pressing concern – the need to address the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society.

Markus Beckendahl, co-founder of Re:publica, emphasizes the significance of democratizing AI. While AI has undoubtedly enhanced our lives, there is also a growing concentration of power in the hands of a few companies. It is essential to explore ways to ensure that AI serves the interests of a diverse and inclusive society.

The festival brings together organizations from around the globe. Through over 800 sessions featuring 1,800 speakers, attendees will engage in diverse debates and discussions on the future of an evolving digital society. Beyond AI, Re:publica encourages participants to consider broader questions, such as who will care for the elderly in the future and the importance of a functioning society.

Re:publica continues to be a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations, challenging individuals to critically analyze the consequences of technological advancements. As the festival unfolds, attendees will undoubtedly leave with a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the digital age and the need for collective responsibility in shaping its future.