Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey that stretches from revolutionizing the event technology industry to addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time – climate change? In our exclusive EU-Startups Podcast, we had the pleasure of conversing with Renaud Visage, the Co-founder and former CTO of Eventbrite, who has now ventured into the world of climate tech as a Founding Partner at Slate Venture Capital.

During our discussion, Renaud unraveled the challenges he faced while scaling Eventbrite, offering priceless insights into the realm of entrepreneurship. Rather than relying on quotes, we bring you a succinct overview of his rich story. From managing the complexities of rapid growth to adapting to the evolving startup ecosystem, Renaud’s experience illustrates the entrepreneurial rollercoaster in its truest form.

However, his journey didn’t end there. Renaud announced his transition into climate tech investing, driven by a passion for generating positive change. He sheds light on the exciting innovations that lie ahead in this field and discusses his motivation to embark on this new adventure.

Intriguingly, Renaud shares key insights gleaned from his extensive angel investing experiences. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling, smart cash management, and steering clear of greed, all of which are crucial elements for success in the startup world.

Moreover, Renaud delves into the evolution of the French startup ecosystem, shedding light on government initiatives that have paved the way for a more vibrant entrepreneurial environment in the country. His observations provide a fresh perspective on the startup landscape beyond Silicon Valley.

Lastly, Renaud presents his vision of a climate tech moonshot, underscoring the need for ambitious solutions to combat climate change. He outlines the significance of supporting climate refugees and offers ideas on how to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to build sustainable lives.

Join us on this captivating podcast episode as Renaud Visage takes us on a transformative journey, providing invaluable lessons from his experiences in scaling Eventbrite and venturing into the world of climate tech. Get ready to be inspired!