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Coda, a charming eatery situated in the trendy Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin, has revolutionized the concept of the haute cuisine dessert experience. It was the brainchild of chef and co-owner René Frank, who envisioned a laid-back and approachable venue that would make divine desserts accessible to all. Little did he know the challenges that lay ahead.

From its inception in 2016, Coda underwent a transformational journey, marked by trial and error. Interestingly, it even managed to secure a Michelin star along the way, embracing some of the fine-dining conventions traditionally associated with such accolades. Today, Coda proudly boasts two Michelin stars, an exceptional feat for any establishment.

René Frank’s creativity and passion shine through in the 15-course fine-dining dinner menu offered at Coda. Diners are treated to culinary delights beyond imagination. Imagine indulging in a gummy bear crafted from dehydrated red and yellow beet or savoring a tantalizing strip of beechwood-smoked and caramelized crispy pork skin adorned with dried sauerkraut powder, pear purée, and Sicilian pine nuts.

Of course, no visit to Coda would be complete without experiencing their iconic caviar popsicle. This unique creation combines Jerusalem artichoke and bourbon vanilla ice cream, enveloped in creamy pecan ganache, and adorned with a generous serving of Oscietra caviar. A heavenly fusion of flavors that leaves an indelible mark on the palate.

As the name suggests, Coda represents the grand finale, concluding the symphony of flavors that René Frank orchestrates. With each dish, Coda invites us to redefine our understanding of dessert and challenges our taste buds with innovative and unexpected combinations.

In an industry often associated with exclusivity, Coda breaks down barriers, welcoming everyone to revel in the artistry of delectable desserts. It is an embodiment of René Frank’s vision and a testament to his unyielding dedication to make exceptional cuisine accessible to all.