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Prosus, a major investor, has decided to write off the entirety of its 9.6% stake in Indian edtech firm, Byju’s. This move reflects a loss of confidence in what was once considered the most valued startup in India.

In a recent earnings report, Prosus, which holds the largest external investment in Byju’s, stated that the write-off was necessary due to the significant decrease in value for equity investors. Over the course of several years, Prosus had invested around $500 million in the edtech company but had never liquidated any shares. At its peak, Byju’s was valued at $22 billion in early 2020.

This decision by Prosus raises questions about the future trajectory of Byju’s and the overall edtech market. Despite the substantial investments made, it appears that Byju’s has not been able to maintain its initial valuation. The write-off indicates a loss of confidence from a prominent investor, which may have repercussions for the company’s reputation and future investment opportunities.

As the edtech sector continues to grow and evolve, this development serves as a reminder that high valuations and investor trust can be fleeting. Companies in this space must constantly innovate and adapt to remain competitive, as sustaining long-term success is not guaranteed.

While the impact of Prosus’ write-off remains to be seen, it serves as a cautionary tale for both investors and startups in the edtech industry.