news google startup, a pioneering startup established in 2013, is transforming the agri-commerce landscape. Founded by Prasanna Rao, Anand Chandra, and Chattanathan Devarajan, this Delhi-based company has created a grain commerce platform that connects sellers and buyers, bridging the gap between agri-producers and the market.

With a vision to empower farmers and optimize the grain supply chain, offers a range of auxiliary services through third-party partnerships. These services are specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of agri-producers, ultimately benefiting both sellers and buyers.

Through their innovative platform, is revolutionizing the way agri-commodities are traded. By leveraging technology, the startup has eliminated traditional barriers and created a transparent and efficient marketplace, enabling farmers to directly sell their produce and buyers to easily access a diversified range of grains.

By enabling direct transactions between farmers and buyers, is promoting fairer pricing and minimizing the role of intermediaries. This not only benefits farmers, who can earn higher profits for their crops, but also buyers, who gain access to a wider variety of high-quality grains. Ultimately, this fosters economic growth in rural areas and contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural sector.

Thanks to its innovative approach and dedication to empowering agri-producers, has secured significant funding, reflecting the confidence investors have in the company’s vision. With a total funding amount of USD 120 Million from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), is well-positioned to further expand its operations and make a lasting impact on the agri-commerce industry.

In conclusion,, led by the visionary trio of Prasanna Rao, Anand Chandra, and Chattanathan Devarajan, is revolutionizing the grain commerce landscape in India. Through their innovative platform, they are empowering farmers, promoting fairer pricing, and enhancing the efficiency of the agri-supply chain. With significant funding backing their efforts, is on track to reshape the agri-commerce industry and unlock new opportunities for agri-producers and buyers alike.