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Planted Solar, a groundbreaking startup based in the United States, is transforming the solar industry with its innovative approach to installation. By utilizing construction robots and employing high-density arrays, the company boasts higher energy outputs per hectare and lower balance of system costs.

In a recent development, Planted Solar secured an impressive $30 million in Series A funding from prominent investors such as the Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Kholsa Ventures, and the United States Department of Energy Funds. This substantial investment will enable the company to scale its pioneering terrain-following solar installation design.

Unlike traditional methods, Planted Solar installs its arrays like a tightly packed sheet, deviating from the typical row spacing approach. Furthermore, the company’s solar mounts are designed to adapt to the natural terrain, accommodating slopes of up to 27%. This not only reduces land development costs but also allows for a greater energy yield per hectare.

The advantages of the Planted Solar system are numerous. When compared to south-facing fixed tilt and tracker designs, their arrays provide comparable kWh/kWp yield, while significantly reducing the cost of structural balance of system and installation. Moreover, the innovative design minimizes the need for extensive civil work, mitigating civil risk, and requires far less land.

Planted Solar’s groundbreaking design has gained recognition for its ability to streamline solar installation processes. With their system, a megawatt of solar can be efficiently installed, effectively maximizing energy generation potential and optimizing resource utilization.

Through their cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach, Planted Solar is spearheading the evolution of solar power, revolutionizing the way we harness renewable energy and paving the way for a sustainable future.