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In an exciting development, artificial intelligence (AI) startup Perplexity has announced the addition of three notable advisers to their team. This move demonstrates Perplexity’s commitment to innovation and growth in the AI industry.

The three new advisers are highly accomplished individuals with extensive experience in tech giants such as Uber, Google, and Bing. Emil Michael, formerly the chief business officer at Uber, will guide Perplexity’s growth and business strategies. Rich Miner, co-founder of Android and adviser to Google, will contribute his expertise in understanding user trends and creating intuitive interfaces. Mikhail Parakhin, former CEO of Bing, will lend his knowledge to help Perplexity enhance their core answer engine and AI capabilities.

This strategic collaboration is aimed at leveraging the advisers’ wealth of experience across search, mobile, and distribution to further enhance Perplexity’s position as a competitor to Google’s search engine. The startup’s recent successful funding round, which raised $63 million and valued the company at $1 billion, highlights the growing confidence in Perplexity’s potential.

Perplexity’s AI chatbot is already making waves in the industry with its ability to summarize search results, provide citations, and assist users in refining their queries for better responses. The company’s innovative AI-native search interface, combined with the added insights from these new advisors, is poised to deliver an optimized and user-friendly search experience.

With influential figures such as Perplexity’s product being used by Nvidia’s CEO, the ambition to make it accessible to every company in the United States is well within reach. As Perplexity continues to push boundaries in AI technology, their newly fortified advisory team will undoubtedly propel them further towards achieving their goal.