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The upcoming closures on the northbound Blackwall Tunnel approach are part of extensive carriageway works that aim to implement a new road layout for the Silvertown Tunnel project. Scheduled to open in 2025, the Silvertown Tunnel will revolutionize river crossings by providing a public transport-focused solution with zero-emission bus links across the Thames.

To prepare for this groundbreaking project, the closures will take place from Saturday, May 18 to Sunday, May 19. Starting at 12.01am on Saturday, the closures will allow the necessary adjustments to be made. Rest assured, southbound traffic will be restored by Monday morning at the latest.

By enhancing road infrastructure and reducing congestion, the Silvertown Tunnel will not only improve the reliability and resilience of the Blackwall Tunnel but also contribute to overall air quality in the local area. As a part of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, the Silvertown Tunnel will implement a user charge system.

During the scheduled closures, northbound traffic will remain unaffected. In cases where diversion is required, vehicles will be rerouted through the southbound Blackwall Tunnel. Drivers are advised to plan their routes in advance, considering other potential traffic impacts or restrictions and checking for updates before commencing their journeys.

The forthcoming changes signify a significant step forward in London’s transportation network, ensuring sustainable and efficient river crossings for both commuters and the environment.