Connectivity is a crucial aspect of our modern-day lives, and when it comes to finding a new property, it becomes even more important to have a clear understanding of what to expect. As we navigate the digital world, reliable broadband availability and strong mobile phone signals are essential for staying connected and accessing the online resources we rely on.

While property listings often provide information about the property itself, additional data can offer valuable insights into the connectivity options available. OnTheMarket understands the significance of this information and has supplemented property listings with certain predictive data, including broadband availability and predicted speed.

Broadband speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps), indicating the swiftness of the connection. OnTheMarket’s predictions reveal three categories based on download speeds: basic, super-fast, and ultra-fast. These readings are determined by the highest predicted speed from any major broadband network. It’s important to note that these readings are estimates and should not be taken as guarantees.

Similarly, OnTheMarket incorporates data from Ofcom to provide mobile phone signal availability and predicted strength. This information is gathered from the four major mobile network operators in the UK. By including this data, potential buyers or renters can have an idea of what to expect in terms of mobile signal coverage in a specific area.

When searching for a new property, it’s crucial to consider the level of connectivity that meets your needs. The additional data provided by OnTheMarket serves as a helpful guide, offering insights into broadband availability, predicted speed, and mobile phone signal strength. As we continue to rely on technology, having a clear understanding of connectivity options can significantly enhance our daily lives.