Connectivity has become an increasingly important factor for property buyers in today’s digital age. The ability to access fast and reliable internet and mobile phone signal has become a key consideration when choosing a new home. A recent study by sheds light on the impact of connectivity on property value.

According to the study, properties with access to super-fast and ultra-fast broadband tend to have higher values compared to those with basic broadband. This is not surprising, as faster internet speeds allow residents to stream content, work from home, and engage in a range of online activities seamlessly. On the other hand, properties with slower internet speeds may be seen as less desirable in today’s connected world.

In addition to broadband availability, the study also looked at mobile phone signal strength. It found that properties with good mobile signal availability have higher values compared to those with poor signal. This is understandable, as reliable mobile phone connectivity is important for communication, accessing information on the go, and using various mobile apps and services.

It’s worth noting that the study’s findings are based on predictions obtained from Ofcom, and should not be regarded as guaranteed. The data is updated regularly to reflect changes in connectivity infrastructure, and it’s important for potential buyers to conduct their own research and verify the connectivity options available in any property of interest.

In conclusion, connectivity plays a significant role in property value, with properties offering fast broadband and good mobile signal availability generally commanding higher prices. As the demand for connectivity continues to grow, it’s likely that properties with superior connectivity options will become even more desirable in the future.