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A video capturing three peculiar black rings of smoke floating over the German capital has taken social media by storm. The video, which was posted on an Instagram account dedicated to Berlin news, has garnered over 600,000 views so far. The thick black rings can be seen from various angles in the footage.

While some speculated that the rings may be the result of circular flocks of birds or a government-related occurrence, others took a more whimsical approach, suggesting that it could be aliens or a sign from the late Bob Marley. However, one user offered a more rational explanation, proposing that the rings were likely caused by pyrotechnics or industrial processes.

The user, @030josef, pointed out that the rings could have been formed due to the release of soot and exhaust gases into the air during industrial activities or explosions. Fireworks and pyrotechnic shows were also mentioned as potential sources for such phenomena.

Although the true nature of the black rings remains a mystery, the video has sparked a range of questions and speculations among social media users. As the footage continues to circulate online, people are left wondering about the origins and significance of these eerie smoke formations hovering over the German capital.