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In a move to address growing concerns of escalating violence and community tensions, the Metropolitan Police has announced additional powers for officers in Islington, Angel, and parts of Dalston. These enhanced powers, which are effective from 1.30pm today until 3am the following day, allow officers to conduct stop and search operations without reasonable grounds.

The decision to implement these measures comes in response to reports indicating increased tensions within the community. By granting officers the authority to stop and search anyone within the designated area, the Metropolitan Police aims to prevent serious incidents of violence and curb the presence of weapons.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police emphasized the commitment to protecting the safety and well-being of Islington’s communities. They stated, “We adopt precise and proactive approaches to ensure the safety of Islington’s residents and employ these powers in a manner that is appropriate and proportionate. Our focus is on detecting, preventing, and reducing crime and anti-social behavior.”

The implementation of a Section 60 authorization, including 60AA, and a Section 35 Dispersal Zone further reinforces the efforts to maintain law and order in the concerned areas. The authorization will remain in effect from 1330 hours on May 15, 2024, until 0300 hours on May 16, 2024.

As the Metropolitan Police takes these measures, it reaffirms its dedication to fostering secure and harmonious communities while striving to tackle crime and anti-social behavior effectively.