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Maya Jama, the beloved reality TV host, brought humor to the Buckingham Palace garden party held in honor of the creative industries. While conversing with esteemed guests, including the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Maya surprised King Charles with a lighthearted question about his opinion on Love Island. Rather than quoting the exact exchange, it can be summarized as a funny interaction between the presenter and the King, which left everyone in high spirits.

In addition to Maya’s amusing encounter, the event boasted an impressive guest list that included renowned figures from the entertainment world. Celebrity attendees such as documentary maker Louis Theroux, acclaimed director Sir Ridley Scott, and artist Tracey Emin added a touch of glamour to the festivities. Theroux playfully expressed his delight at being invited, jokingly suggesting it may have been a mistake. He remarked on the illustrious company present at the party and praised the beautiful setting of the garden.

While it remains unclear whether King Charles is a fan of Love Island, the light-hearted exchange between Maya Jama and the monarch added a delightful touch to the glitzy affair. The event showcased the close connection between the creative industries and the royal family, highlighting the importance of recognizing and celebrating talent in all its forms.