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Spanish sensation María José Llergo took the stage at the Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival 2024 for a captivating one-night-only performance, where she presented her highly anticipated debut album. The exclusive event, held at the intimate Lillian Baylis Studio, showcased Llergo’s remarkable talent and marked her first-ever concert in London.

With her album having already garnered international acclaim, Llergo’s live performance offered a fresh and enthralling experience to both new and longtime fans. Throughout the 75-minute show, the audience witnessed Llergo’s deft ability to seamlessly transition through captivating tonal changes and showcase her unparalleled vocal range.

While Llergo sang entirely in Spanish, the linking sections of the concert were predominantly in English, accompanied by the enthusiastic participation of the captivated crowd. The Lillian Baylis Studio provided the perfect setting to strike a delicate balance between the music and Llergo’s enchanting words, a balance that many venues struggle to achieve.

Supported only by keyboards and drums, Llergo’s twelve-track album brought a modern synthesized sound to traditional flamenco beats. However, it is Llergo’s distinct and pure voice that truly shines, cutting through the music and captivating listeners with its raw emotion.

The ULTRABELLEZA concert was a dazzling display of Llergo’s artistry, pushing boundaries and seamlessly fusing flamenco and contemporary R&B influences. The result was a mesmerizing and unexpected journey that left the audience in awe. Llergo’s remarkable performance at the Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival is a testament to her rising star power and an experience that will be remembered for years to come.