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A recent incident involving the arrest of a man in south west London has brought attention to the issue of online support for terrorist organizations. The man, aged 47, was taken into custody on suspicion of showing support for Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

The police investigation began after they received a public referral regarding online posts allegedly endorsing Hamas. Specialist officers from the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit assessed the posts and subsequently handed the case over to detectives in the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command.

The arrested individual was later released on bail and is expected to appear before authorities in early August. Meanwhile, investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

This incident highlights the growing concern over the dissemination of extremist and terrorist material online. Commander Dominic Murphy, Head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, explained that there has been a significant increase in the amount of such material being reported by the public since the recent tensions in Israel.

Law enforcement agencies are continuously monitoring online platforms and rely on public referrals to identify potential terrorism-related offenses. The arrest serves as a reminder of the need for ongoing vigilance in combating online support for terrorist organizations.