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Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has strongly criticized Western countries for their lack of action in addressing Israel’s atrocities in Gaza. In a joint news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, Ibrahim expressed his concerns about the hypocrisy displayed by Western nations.

Instead of directly quoting Ibrahim’s statements, it is important to note his criticism of Western countries’ selective and ambivalent attitude towards the situation. He urged them to put an end to this behavior and emphasized that the conflict between Israel and Palestine did not start nor end on October 7th, referencing a cross-border attack by Hamas into Israel.

The Prime Minister highlighted that Israel’s decades-long policies and atrocities against Palestinians are the root cause of the ongoing conflict. He likened these practices to colonialism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and the dispossession of any country, drawing attention to similar issues in Ukraine and Gaza.

Ibrahim stressed that it is impossible to disregard the 40 years of atrocities and dispossession that have fueled the reaction and anger of the Palestinian people. While he condemned Hamas for their actions, he emphasized the need to address the broader context and history of the conflict.

It is clear that Ibrahim’s focus lies on urging Western countries to take a stronger stance against Israel’s policies and to recognize the underlying issues that have contributed to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. By questioning the hypocrisy and selective approach of Western nations, he brings attention to the need for a more comprehensive and just resolution to the situation in Gaza.