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London is about to witness a groundbreaking addition to its outdoor swimming scene with the approval of plans for a new council-run lido in Ilford’s Valentines Park. Redbridge Council’s planning committee gave the green light to the proposals, marking the first construction of its kind in decades. The new lido is scheduled to begin construction later this year and is expected to open to the public by autumn 2025.

There are currently 17 lidos scattered throughout the capital, providing a refreshing and recreational escape for residents. However, the announcement of an entirely new outdoor swimming pool being created is a rarity in London. While efforts have been made to reopen previously closed lidos, such as Charlton Lido, which resumed operations in 2013 after shutting down in 1989, the construction of a brand-new facility is an exciting prospect for water enthusiasts.

The upcoming Valentines Park lido will offer more than just a six-lane pool for swimmers. This multifaceted facility will also include a children’s splash pad, a dance studio, and a gym, providing a broad range of activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Redbridge Council’s investment of £11 million into leisure provision in the borough demonstrates their commitment to enhancing recreational opportunities for the community.

While specific details about the entrance fee are yet to be disclosed, the planning committee has reassured the public that it will be on par with the prices of other leisure center pools within the borough. This ensures that the new lido remains affordable and accessible to all, encouraging greater community engagement and physical well-being.

London’s new council-run lido in Valentines Park represents a significant milestone in the capital’s outdoor swimming landscape. With its diverse amenities and upcoming construction, it promises to be a valuable addition to the city’s leisure offerings, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.